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Is a roller door installation right for you?

Is a roller door installation right for you?

It’s important to carefully consider the right type of garage door for your home or work premises. Take time to examine the features and functions required, as well as the look and finish, before rushing in to a purchase. This is, after all, an investment that you will use time and time again so time spent selecting the best door for your needs and budget is well spent.

There are plenty of garage doors in a wide variety of styles, designs and mechanisms. Sometimes the least amount of attention is paid to how the door will operate in the space but it actually plays a significant part in the overall success of the scheme. If, for example, the area is narrow with limited space near the entry, a roller door can be the best choice. If you have room in your garage but plan to utilise the walls and ceiling for hanging, a roller door can also optimise the available space due to its compact storage shape when open.

Roller garage doors are an affordable and durable option, with the added benefit of being available in a broad range of colours. With the minimum of mechanical parts, these doors offer low maintenance and durability. They are available with or without a locking feature and are also perfect for free standing spaces where there is no garage architecture at all.

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