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Role of Garage Door in Garage Design

Role of Garage Door in Garage Design

As a specialist supplier and installer of garage doors in Sydney we often get asked about the role of garage doors in the design of the garage. It’s often overlooked, however it a critical aspect of not only the form and function, but look and actual overall house design considerations in some aspects.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when you are designing your garage and the garage door that you will buy or have built:

  • Size of the Garage. When planning your garage design, you always need to check your available space. Some garages are placed at a distance from the house meaning they aren’t directly connected like many are with an internal door, whereas some are connected, meaning they form part of the house structure. Many garage doors today are pre-made to standard sizes. So, before designing your garage, make sure that you know the size of the door that will be installed in the garage. A bigger garage will need a bigger door rather than building in columns or brickwork around the entrance to then frame a smaller door. Go for symmetry and aesthetic meaning you may need a custom built door.
  • Location of the garage in the house design. As you will have seen, many if not most garages especially in newer homes are typically connected to the house, and many tend to share a wall with a bedroom, or sometimes sit below a master bedroom. This is where good design and engineering thinking comes in handy, as you will want to select a door that is in keeping with the overall look of the house design and style, so that it matches the theme, and of course consider opening mechanisms and the motor ensuring you go for quieter options where bedrooms are not far away. Vibration can also have an impact here, and you should discuss with an installer options for smooth, vibration free options to keep those in the nearby bedroom happy.
  • Windows. If you do not want cut holes into the garage walls for windows to be incorporated, or perhaps avoid the cost of the frames and glass, you can always go for a design that incorporates glass panels in the door, allowing natural light through.

Garage door design plays an important role in overall design considerations and shouldn’t be overlooked when designing and building a new home, or renovating.