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Make life easier with an electric garage door opener

Make life easier with an electric garage door opener

Do you leave your car parked on the driveway because accessing your garage means getting out of the car, opening the door manually, getting back in the car, driving inside and closing the garage by hand again? This drawn out process is often enough to deter lots of people from using their garage on a daily basis, with dark, cold or wet weather increasing our reluctance to go through the rigmarole.

To utilise your garage to its full potential, keep your vehicle safer against crime and more protected from the elements consider upgrading to an electric garage door opener. Many insurance companies favourably factor in garage storage to their car insurance policies, reducing their premium accordingly. Many garages also have an internal door from the home, meaning that access is safe at night-time and comfortable during wet, cold and hot spells.

Another pitfall of the empty garage is its potential to turn in to a ‘junk room’, collecting items that cannot find a home anywhere else. As the pile grows and space disappears, it can be years before a proper clear out occurs - usually when there’s no room left for anything else! Don’t waste your garage, it’s quicker, easier and cheaper than you might think to install an electronic opener and start enjoying a more convenient way of life.

At Ace Garage Doors we install, maintain and repair a wide range of electronic openers for your garage. We specialise in providing a great range of top quality products with features to suit everyone and every home. Contact us today to find the best option for you.