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Maintenance Tips for Your Roller Doors in Sydney

Maintenance Tips for Your Roller Doors in Sydney

Garage doors of roller type are known to be some of the toughest types of such doors in the world. These doors last for years, even without proper maintenance. If time is spared out for doing some routine maintenance, their life can exponentially be extended. In case of DIY, you must follow the below mentioned tips towards maintenance of your garage door like a professional.

Door Cleaning

You must regularly clean the exterior portion of your roller doors in Sydney twice a year or every six months. You can begin by properly wiping the door with the use of a good detergent prior to rinsing with water. Thereafter, you must use lint free rags to dry the door just so that the metal is not damaged due to the moisture left over after the wash.

Lubrication of All Moving Parts

Either you can make use of light oil or a high quality aerosol lubricant either with silicon or with oil as part of the mix. You must ensure lubrication of the following parts:

  • - The lift cables
  • - Pulley bearings
  • - Hinges, Torsion springs
  • - Steel rollers

Also, you ought to keep an eye on the broken, bent and loose components that are inclusive of:

  • - Rollers
  • - Hinges
  • - Tracks

In case of loosening of any of the above-mentioned parts, you must ensure their tightening right away. Usually, you may just be requisite of tightening the screws linked with the component. Bent or broken constituent requires replacement.

Rollers or Hinges Replacement

At first, disconnect your garage doors of roller type’s power. The door ought to be locked in a down position before power disconnection. Always you ought to remove one hinge or one roller at a time. Side by side, never you ought to take out the bracket at the bottom due to the fact that it is under lots of tension.