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Maintenance Tips for Garage Door Owners

Maintenance Tips for Garage Door Owners

We often forget how often our garage doors are used. Think about it thought – multiple times every day. Offering garage door service in Sydney, we often advise our clients on ways in which they can care for their garage doors, to help maintain their look, and problem free use.

1. Be on the lookout for issues

Observe your garage door in action when you use it. Is it moving smoothly or is it jerky in places? Does it operate silently or does it make grinding or scraping noises? Do both sides look symmetrical?

2. Keep it tight

With all that movement and vibration, it’s worth tightening up the brackets, and bolts to keep them in good working order.

3. Test the balance

If your garage door is not properly balanced, the garage door opener will have to work harder, and it won’t last as long.

4. Inspect and replace rollers

The rollers, whether steel or nylon, need to be inspected twice a year and replaced every seven years or so, and even more if you use your garage door many times a day.

5. Replace the weatherstripping

If the rubber weather seal strip on the bottom of your door is brittle or cracked, replace it right away to keep the elements out of your house.

6. Lubricate moving parts

Keeping your garage door parts greased up will add years of seamless operation.

 7. Check the cables

This one is best left to the pro’s. You should never tinker with the high-tension cables that lift your door because they can do harm if you aren’t an expert.

8. Clear the tracks

Make sure the tracks on either side of the door are free from debris and, if you are so inclined, you can use a level to check the plumb. Any major adjustments to tracks must be done by a professional garage door technician.

10. Inspect your door

Don’t forget to examine the door itself. Wood doors will need to be checked for water damage and warp, as well as chipped and peeling paint. Steel doors may have rust spots that need to be sanded, primed and painted. Wash your garage door regularly with a mild all-purpose cleaner at the same time you do your car.

Your garage door typically represents quite a bit of the viewable space of the front of your house so keeping it clean and in good working order is a wise choice. If you don’t have time or the inclination to do this yourself, we provide excellent garage door service in Sydney and would love to hear from you.