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Get YOUR Garage Door Repair services in Sydney at affordable prices. Ace Garage doors repair any problems with your garage door. We carry all parts with us and can more often than not do the repair on the spot.

Auto Garage Doors, Roller Garage Doors Tilt Doors, can all be repaIRED.

Whether it be broken springs, snapped or frayed cables or your motor is simply not operating satisfactorily, there isn’t a problem we can’t fix.

Here at Ace we don’t charge a call out fee and will simply provide a free no obligation quote on inspection for you to think about or give us the go ahead to immediately repair the problem.

With a price beat guarantee and a no obligation free quote repair you have nothing to lose so give us a call.

We also provide garage door installation services in Sydney. Ace Garage Doors sell and install only the best motors on the market.

We only deal with the trusted brands that carry warranties and meet Australian standards. You can be assured you are getting only a product that we at Ace trust.

Whether they be tilt, sectional or roller doors, all our motors are silent drives with the tilt and sectional motors being either belt or chain.

Whether it be a replacement door or getting a new door fitted for the first time, there aren’t many doors we can’t fix our motors to.

Garage Door Installation

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Garage Door Opener


This is our ATA Enduro belt drive motor which comes with 2 remotes and 1 wall button with slow start and finish function and LED courtesy light


Doorworks slimline Roller Door motor to fit in the tightest of spaces. Comes with 2 remotes 1 wall button with slow start and finish function and LED courtesy light.

Waterproof Shedmaster is also available for those out door roller doors.


Doorworks 800n powerful & quick silent drive operated by a chain for strength. Comes with 3 remotes slow start and finish function and courtesy light. 1200N also available which will lift any size door no matter how big or heavy.

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At Ace Garage Doors, Scott Riddle proudly delivers fast and efficient service at the highest quality. Scott says, “we offer some of the lowest rates but also the highest quality in garage door servicing and repairs in Sydney. We’re powered by a licensed team of garage doors professionals that are experts in all things about garage doors, from broken spring repair to garage door replacement, garage door installation, garage roller door repairs.

Looking for the best roller door repairs in Sydney? We got you covered. Also, we are proficient in automatic roller garage door repair and installation, and we work with all the major brands like B & D Garage and roller doors. B and D Roller door repairs

Merlin garage doors and Merlin Garage Door Openers and all Roller door repairs.

Ace Garage Doors is your one-stop resource for expert garage door installation, repair, and maintenance in Sydney. Our team is composed of highly knowledgeable and experienced garage door experts who work quickly and efficiently, valuing your precious time and property.

Garage door issues are urgent; that’s why we respond to your needs quickly. You can entrust Ace Garage Doors with your garage door because this is what we do best.

Call us and speak with Scott and our friendly representatives about your garage door repair, installation, or maintenance.


Why You Need Professionals for your Garage Door in Sydney


The internet is now jam-packed with various tutorials if you search for “Can A Garage Door Be Repaired?” Tons of these will make the job look much more straightforward than it is, especially in the presence of the right tools. However, one mistake can lead to another, which might cost more in the long run for beginners. To avoid further garage door mishaps, you need the assistance of experts such as Ace Garage Doors.

Our team knows the importance of a properly installed garage door. This is why we listen and install garage doors that you can rely on, no matter what. But aside from hearing you out, the following are other reasons why you should rely only on us.


Experienced installers for the tricky task


Garage doors are not like fixing a leaky toilet nor a clogged sink. The garage door mechanisms are complicated feats of engineering with lots of intricate parts and counterweights that cohesively operates. Learning how it works on a clip uploaded on YouTube is still all guesswork and probably new to you. On the outside, how the garage door system works may look easy, but in reality, if you don’t have a keen understanding of how the garage door functions, it’s better leaving the repair to someone who knows.

Our team believes that when repairing a garage door, there is no substitute for extensive knowledge and experience. One of the most common things, when a homeowner carries out DIY repairs, is that they inevitably worsen the issue. With a skilled garage door repair team like us, the problem will be diagnosed fast, and we will make proper recommendations for the specified repair or replacement.


Special tools for better, more accurate installation and repair


A particular set of tools that are not typically present in any home are required to check and repair the garage door. This is because these garage door-specific tools are not used all the time and are never worth the investment. Do you see yourself buying a torsion spring winding system that will cost you a fortune and you get to use for just one time? Can it get a garage door to be repaired?

Our technicians are geared with the right equipment for professional garage door repair and maintenance. As professionals, we have the right machines, and we understand how to use them well.


Our trained technicians will save you from safety issues


You may be the superior fix-it-guy (or girl) who’s great with tools. But do you know that every year, hundreds of people are seriously injured for trying to repair garage doors by themselves? It might not look hazardous while you’re repairing it because you are doing everything by the book. The fix might even look like a job well done after, but then unexpectedly comes crashing down. If you have kids or pets to think about, you might want to consider this.

Several things can go wrong during DIY garage door repairs, but these three accidents are the most prevalent. These are reasons for you not to carry out garage door repairs yourself and have it done by professionals like us instead :

  • Falls – Repairing a garage door requires you to work on a ladder or any elevated surface and make you more likely to fall. You can hurt yourself or someone else when you fall, and damage the machinery being used at the time of the fall. Balancing a faulty garage door in the right position is not easy when attempting to repair it on your own.
  • Springs – This is the greatest danger DIY enthusiasts face when repairing their garage doors. The torsional springs are under tremendous stress and tension. It’s the stress and pressure that effortlessly raises the garage door, but is dangerous during repairs. Professionals understand how to manage and stop torsional springs from becoming projectiles that can cause severe harm.
  • Collapses – Garage doors weigh UP TO 180 KILOS. The likelihood of a garage door collapsing on you is higher when you lack the experience.


We’ll do the job, so you don’t have to


Ask yourself what you’d rather be doing if you’re not repairing any garage door? You could be watching your favorite show on the TV, or enjoying a cold beer outdoors, or playing with your kids. Instead, you’re spending hours of frustration, watching how-to videos over and over, dropping every single screw and sweating. If you hire us, frustration and disappointment will be at bay, and you’d have more time to do things that matter most.


Save more on garage door installations/repair cost


Most individuals repair the garage door to save money. However, it doesn’t always work out as expected. Repairs to a garage door done by a non-professional may result in more troubles along the way. They either damage some parts of their garage door, or worst lose it during the process that cost even more than getting it repaired. In the long run, it could cost you more because of what you broke or lost in the process.

Have your garage door repaired by Ace Garage Doors today!

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