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Buying a Garage Door

Buying a Garage Door

So, you’ve made the decision to buy a new garage door, or replace your existing one. There are just a few steps involved, and there’s always someone available to give you advice, if you run into trouble. We’ve compiled a checklist for you to consider when going through this process.

  1. Work out whether your site is ready for a measure and quote. It is important that you have a garage door installer visit your home and measure the door opening. It is not recommended that you do your own measure up for your door. Garage door dealers are trained to measure the opening, and know what allowances they need to make for tracks, wheels, etc before they finalise a door size.
  2. Do some research, before the installer arrives. There are a range of different types of garage doors, as well as different styles of openers and other accessories available. Not all doors will suit your garage or carport, but your garage door installer will be able to advise you on this, once they are on site. Before they arrive though, it is worth doing a little bit of your own research. To get you started, look at the styles such as roller doors, or panel lift garage doors and prices, along with colours you feel might suit your theme. Consider the below also:
    • What type of door do I like? Steel sectional, wood sectional, Roller door, tilt garage door opener etc.
    • What opener will suit my home and lifestyle? If you have bedrooms near the garage, a shift worker in the home, or teenagers who come in at all hours, consider a quitter opening mechanism.
    • What about accessories? There are a range of different accessories available for doors and openers such as infra-red beams that can detect if a pet of child is under the door when it is closing, and will stop and keep the animal or child safe.

Enjoy your new door once it’s installed, and please feel free to ring our friendly team for a quote.